Hangar One Blimp Crashes in Ohio Woman’s Yard

Lillian Bernhagen, 94, is shocked but unhurt

"The Ballad of Hangar One" is going to need another verse—one that tells the story of a wayward blimp that crashes in the backyard of an astonished 94-year-old woman. It happened in Ohio on Sunday! The 128-foot-long Hangar One blimp, which is touring America this summer, broke free of its moorings at a Columbus airport during strong winds, drifted northward, and ended up crashing in Lillian Bernhagen's yard in the Columbus suburb of Worthington. Check out a photo of the crash site here. Bernhagen was unhurt but flabbergasted. "I looked out the window and I said, 'Wow!'" she told the AP. "It really is quite an occasion to have a blimp land in your yard." She added, "I didn't expect to see one on the ground. I've only ever seen one in the air." Asked if she might now try Hangar One, Bernhagen joked that she probably did need a drink. There's been no official statement from Hangar One itself, although the blimp is still front and center on the website, where pre-existing copy acknowledges that "blimpin' ain't easy."