Hand Sanitizer Ad Warns You’re Just a Few Shakes Away From a Sex Toy

Havas gets naughty for Dettol

UPDATE: We have removed this ad at the request of Havas Worldwide, which tells Adweek: "The Dettol work published in Chile was not the product of a brief issued by the client, nor was it approved either internally or by the client. The work in question has been created outside the boundaries of Havas Worldwide's normal and long-standing relationship with Reckitt Benckiser. We regret that it was published and have apologized to our client for the event, even if Havas Worldwide was not responsible for it."

Original post:

Hand sanitizer is flying off the shelves in the U.S. because of the flu outbreak. In Chile, they're worried about more subversive germs. Print ad for Dettol by Havas Worldwide in Santiago.

See the ad at Buzzfeed.