Hamsters earn some scratch in lottery spots

Again with the hamsters! They were gigantic in ads for the Kia Soul, psychotic in that Swedish electronics campaign, and formed a jazz band for Drench water. Now, thanks to the Minnesota State Lottery and director Rocky Morton of MJZ, the furry freaks might just strike it rich! The seven spots posted below "use hamsters in their little cages to serve up a fresh look at everyday life and how Scratch Games let players break out and live a little," says ad agency Colle+McVoy. The creatures are adorable, and the little sets are impressively detailed. The Office-type send-ups work best, but could lead to stupid jokes about escaping the rat race. Speaking of adland rodents, you won't find those ultraviolent Sin City tourism chinchillas playing the lottery. That's a sucker's bet! If they don't break the bank in Vegas, they'll probably just rob a bank instead.

—Posted by David Gianatasio