Hairy, naked copywriter finds work


Back in April, AdFreak asked, "Who wants the hairy, naked copywriter?" Most of us hoped we'd never learn the answer. Now, Boston-based Modernista! reports employing Lawson Clarke on a freelance basis. Not content with his initial 15 minutes of fame some years back as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's first makeover contestant, Clarke on his portfolio site recreated Burt Reynolds' hideously hirsute 1972 Cosmo centerfold shot. Clarke hid his private parts behind a portable TV, giving new meaning to the term "vertical hold." He claims he did it to get noticed after being laid off by Arnold. For all we really know, the agency booted the scribe for staging the photo session in its studio during his lunch break. Regardless, Clarke's busy working on the Palm Pre business at Modernista! and, scamp that he is, probably giving the shop's lucky staff a whole new perspective on just how casual Fridays can be.

Posted by David Gianatasio