Hair-Loss Ad Uses Mirrored Ceiling to Point Out Your Bald Spot

Rethink takes humiliation approach

Canadian ad agency Rethink pulls what we in the ad-criticism business call a "dick move" with its campaign for Panorama Hair, with ads on the mirrored ceilings of subway trains showcasing commuters' bald spots. The most complimentary response to this idea came from BuzzFeed, which called it "cruel and embarrassing, but genius." Everyone else is put off by it—a Super Punch comment points out that "hair loss is humiliating enough without sticking mirrors on metro ceilings," while someone at Neatorama likens it to "putting mirrors at chest-height with the address of a plastic surgeon for insecure women." I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice? Maybe it's time to Rethink that assumption. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.