This Hair Clip Can Saw Rope, Tighten Screws and Measure (Tiny) Things

Perfect for any emergency, if you don't lose it first

The MacGyver of hair clips has been created. Not only does it keep your hair from falling in your face during Pilates, but it's also a flat-head screwdriver, ruler, wrench and teeny-tiny saw.

Oh, and it's … kind of ugly.

The Leatherdos is a cool idea, but realistically, it's going to get treated like all of the other hair clips and bobby pins. They slip into couch cushions. They get eaten by pillows. They find pretty much any excuse to vanish. But maybe there's a sect of women who are really good at keeping track of their hair accessories, and my cynicism toward the Leatherman-on-your-head is unwarranted.

For $10, you can pin back a cowlick with a tool set capable of loosening a bolt, measuring … something really small and sawing yourself to freedom if you end up in a 127 Hours sort of situation.

Via Gizmodo.

Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.