Hailee Steinfeld’s Ads: What a Difference Two Years Makes

Holy crap, what happened to Hailee Steinfeld? Just two years ago, she was a normal kid in a goofy Kmart ad (see below). But in Miu Miu's 2011 fall ad campaign, she looks like she's my age. And she's what, 14? I guess that's what an Oscar nomination (for True Grit) will do for you, along with big heels and goofy sunglasses. Call me a prude or whatever, but I'm unsettled by Miu Miu using kids who can't even drive yet as spokesmodels. Lindsay Wixon was the face of their spring campaign last year at 15, for crying out loud, in some very odd-looking photos indeed. Neither girl will be old enough to do anything cool until I'm in my 30s. I tell you this, Angelina Jolie had better keep an eye on her babies because at the rate Miu Miu's going, they're next on the list. Full Miu Miu ad after the jump.