Gum Election 2012: Stick It to the Candidate You Hate the Most

A cynical take on this year's race

In the event that your polling place was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, you can still vote for president early by smearing gum on the candidate you hate the most. Gum Election 2012—a street-art project by creatives Stefan Haverkamp, Hedvig Astrom and James Cooper—has put up signs all over New York City, as well as cities in California and Canada (the latter of whose gum ballots won't be counted), with Obama and Romney's faces on them. The signs encourage passersby to stick their used chewing gum on the candidate they dislike the most. So far, Romney is clearly winning this unpopularity contest, although I doubt the people behind these signs are really controlling for bias. Gothamist quips that the Gum Election "is bound to have as good a turnout as the real one," and I agree. In fact, I'd argue it's probably more meaningful at this point.