Guinness Unveils 12-Foot-Tall Wood Carving of a Giant Pint

Bow down before your master

Centuries from now, when the aliens land and excavate the planet seeking clues to our demise, they're going to stumble upon this 12-foot-tall, two-ton wood carving of a giant pint of Guinness, and immediately assume we drank ourselves to death. Some 20 artists contributed sketches for the giant sculpture, which is almost totem-pole-like and will sit at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin for all to worship. Guinness is a brand that, in recent decades, has done a fair bit of self-mythologizing—now it's just going ahead and building monuments to itself. Thankfully, it still has a sense of humor. The brand's darker, more self-serious advertising is palatable in small doses—the famous "Surfer" spot probably being the pinnacle of those efforts—but it's the lighthearted stuff like the St. Patrick's Day man-herding spot that keeps you coming back for another pint. Via Creative Review.

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