Guinness Turns a Submarine Into a Branded Underwater Bar

Contest winner parties at the bottom of the ocean

What shall we do with the drunken sailor? Sign him up for a tour of duty on the Guinness submarine! The vessel comes complete with a "deep-sea bar" and Austin Powers pop-art interior design with lots of rubber discs simulating bubbles. This is no dive bar! The groovy environs were built by architects at London's Jump Studios, working from concepts by Evelyne Gridelet, who won a "Sea Experience" competition celebrating the brand's 250th anniversary. Guinness's promotional line, "Alive inside," was the contest's theme, and it thankfully held true for Gridelet and guests when they rode in the craft to the bottom of the seas around Sweden's Stockholm Archipelago to celebrate her victory. The design strives to convey the feeling of immersion in "a dynamic, flowing experience." I'm thinking that after a few pints, that was one mellow submarine. More images after the jump.

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