Guinness Ad Found, Shows Domino Toppling

Much was made of Guinness’s idea to have people hunt for its new commercial, which was supposedly hidden somewhere online. Those who had better things to do will be happy today to simply watch the ad, by AMV BBDO, on the Guardian’s Web site. (It’s also on YouTube.) Shot in Argentina by Nicolai Fugslig (who also directed Sony Bravia’s “Balls” commercial), it shows a dusty little town whose residents seem to have placed all of their collective trash (old cars, flaming hay bales, etc.) in a giant chain, to be toppled over, domino-like, eventually revealing a giant likeness of a Guinness pint glass in the town square. It steals from Honda’s old “Cog” ad, of course. Guinness takes pains to point out that no special effects were used, yet the ad still cost a reported £10 million to make.