Grumpy Cat Is Not OK With You Drinking at Prom

Sour puss frowns upon lushes from Pennsylvania billboard

The curmudgeonly mug of Tardar Sauce, the Internet sensation known informally as Grumpy Cat, has been spotted on an outdoor board promoting a dry prom in Elizabeth, Pa. A picture of the board greatly pleased Reddit, the original source of Tardar's fame. The ad is one of a kind and was paid for by Elizabeth Forward High School, which held a design competition for students and chose four winning boards. J.T. DeMarco, a junior, created the Grumpy Cat design with some great concepting and a poor grasp of copyright law. DeMarco told the local news, "I think it does work because it's something that's really popular that a lot of kids see, so they kind of can relate to it." Luckily, it doesn't seem like Tardar's owners have seen it. Or maybe they're just not grumpy enough to sue.