Groupon Lets You Send a Life-Size, 3-D Version of Yourself to Mom for Mother’s Day

But it's going to cost you

If you're planning to drop $30,000 on the woman who gave you life this Mother's Day—and she's the type of woman who would appreciate a 3-D-printed, life-size version of you—well, you're in luck. Groupon will help you accomplish that goal. 

Per the deal site's listing: "Unlike busy adult children, life-sized 3-D-printed models do not have hectic schedules. That means they're there when Mom needs them most: all the time." 

While this might sound like an elaborate joke, "the deal is 100 percent legit," Bill Roberts, head of global communication for Groupon, tells AdFreak. You'll be 3-D printed by Swigro, which owns "largest 3-D printer on the market," the listing says. "This marvel of modern technology is the only device capable of recreating an entire person in crisp, vivid detail." 

"We're big on unique gifts for big holidays," Roberts says. "Last year for Mother's Day, we featured a surrogate son [also completely legit], and we've also offered other bespoke experiences and items found only on Groupon, including the ability to deliver a Jumbotron for a Valentine's Day proposal and embark on a voyage to the sunken Titanic." 

AdFreak reached out to Auburn, Ala.-based Swigro to learn a bit more about the 3-D-printing aspect of this rather involved Mother's Day gift. Swigro president Renato Gross told us that Groupon reached out to the company to see about its capabilities. 

As for the $30,000 price tag, Gross explained that "3-D printing takes a lot of effort. There's scanning the person and processing the data. It's quite a large print and costly to do it." 

It also isn't fast. According to Gross, it can take more than a week to print a person. "It's a big print. Of course, it depends on the size of the person," Gross says. "If they're skinny, it'll be a lot faster than if we're printing a person the size of the Rock." 

Obviously, then, no matter who purchases this gift—if anyone—it won't arrive in time for Mother's Day. With Sunday fast approaching, does Groupon think anyone will actually spring for this? "Depends on how much you love your mom, I guess," Roberts says.

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