Groupon dredges up low-budget horror spot


Groupon has reportedly snagged a commercial slot for Sunday's Super Bowl. Hopefully they'll just air the spot below—which was the coupon's company first-ever commercial, from 2009, and was actually made in response to the Super Bowl ads of that year. The company just reposted the spot to its YouTube page, and offers a little history:
  "While watching the 2009 Super Bowl after we'd just launched Groupon, a few of us noticed how dumb most the ads were—seemingly all of them had some sort of slapstick violence … one after another, they began to appear increasingly absurd, especially because none of the people affected by the slapstick violence were hit with the actual painful consequences of real violence. … In response, we commissioned a super low budget commercial with the same premise of senseless violence, but this time with its shockingly realistic aftermath that violence tends to have. It is a lesson in anti-violence, and a fossil of Groupon in the earliest phase of its horrifying evolution."
  They'll surely air a more professional spot on Sunday, but ambushing people with this one would be a nice way to bring the story full circle.