Groundhog and his shadow have their day

A friend of AdFreak sent us a link to this site promoting Groundhog Day—or at least showing a cross-country trek in which the groundhog goes looking for his shadow. (The shadow apparently left because it doesn’t want to prolong winter.) We’re told that the aim of the site is to promote Pennsylvania tourism. Whatever the case, it’s well thought out, providing an entire filmed backstory about the groundhog and his shadow trying to make it back to Punxatawney in time for Feb. 2. Visitors can also sign up to get postcards from the groundhog, who seems to be having a journey worthy of Hunter S. Thompson, and send text messages and voicemail to “the hogs.” For extra ad-nerd enjoyment, click on “View the Journey” after the intro, then on “Boulder, Colorado,” and you’ll get the rundown on the duo’s unsuccessful attempts to raise funds for their trip by getting a job at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. (The pair are pictured here on the office’s security camera.) We’re told the site is the work of Philadelphia shop Red Tettemer.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor