Grolsch Literally Puts 400 Bottles of Beer on a Wall to Mark the Brand’s Quadricentennial

Please, don't start singing

How does Grolsch beer celebrate its 400th birthday? By hiring street-art collective Graffiti Lite to create an outdoor 3-D installation from 400 swing-top Grolsch bottles.

Don't worry, there's more to it than *just* bottles. See, the bottles are secured to a larger mural, of a bottle, in East London. And, they're covered with every variety of kitschy street art known to man, including "guerrilla gardening," "yarn bombing" and good ol' fashioned spray-painting.

Technically, it's not guerrilla gardening if said gardeners were invited to plant on a site that isn't abandoned, or considered private property. But misuse of activist terminology aside, this is a neat idea for a mural. If it's not too late to add something to it, though, the brand should consider a public bulletin saying that anyone who starts singing "400 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" upon seeing it will be forced to wear a dunce cap for the next 400 years. 

More photos after the jump.

(Via Design Taxi)

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