Grim Reaper will kick your ass at bowling

Reaper I’d always understood that you can’t gamble with death, or play chess with him. But it looks like you shouldn’t bowl with the big guy, either. Unless you enjoy getting smoked. Or so this old-school, fear-mongering, Australian AIDS-awareness PSA from 1987 tells me. Not only can the Grim Reaper manage a near-300 game, he does so while holding a scythe in his off hand in dense fog. He even manages to send a baby flying while picking up a spare, for crying out loud. Others who saw the video were similarly impressed. “That reaper bowling league is pretty cutthroat,” notes one YouTube commenter. Another hypothesizes that “the reaper needs the sickle to help him in his bowling stride—like a walking stick.” Presumably he’s also very good at darts. Via Boing Boing.

—Posted by David Kiefaber