Grey strikes back after ‘worst reel’ vote

Grey is taking matters into its own hands. Voted the agency with the industry’s worst creative reel in a recent Adweek survey, the WPP Group shop took out an ad in this week’s Adweek inviting readers to “see the ‘worst reel’ in the business” at Now, we feel compelled to point out that in the Agency Report Cards issue, published April 25, Adweek’s editorial staff gave Grey’s reel a B- grade, which was hardly the worst of the 33 national agencies, or even all that bad. It was Grey’s ad-industry peers—the ones who voted in the survey—who lowered the boom. (In the survey, Doner was judged to have the second-worst reel, followed by Campbell Mithun, The Kaplan Thaler Group and Young & Rubicam.) It just goes to show that old perceptions die hard. But we at AdFreak think that an ad directing people to a Web site for “worst reel” is a praise-worthy example of turning lemons into lemonade. So there.

—Posted by Kathleen Sampey