Grey Channels Abba in Absurdly Epic Music Video for Jim Heekin on His 10th Anniversary

Yes, Adweek's on his nuts again

Who knew Grey's global CEO Jim Heekin could be comedy gold?

Well, none other than his creative partner, Tor Myhren, who, when not making ads for DirecTV, Febreze and Gillette, spoofs pops stars and their videos.

First came "Nothing Compares to 2," Myhren's Sinead O'Connor-like plea to get all of Grey's creatives on the second floor. Then he and friends dressed like Hall & Oates to skewer nasty anonymous comments on blogs with "Agency Spies." Now, the Weird Al of chief creative officers has channeled Abba to comically celebrate Heekin's 10th anniversary at Grey.

Set to the tune of the ridiculously infectious "Fernando," the video includes digs about everything from his boss' baldness and "hairy hands" to his gold bracelets and bicep curls. There's even a jag about Adweek—a nod to positive press that's delivered with a twist.

"Jim Heekin" is Myhren's biggest production to date, with costume changes, backup dancers and even a singing partner, Ivy Mitchell, who in her day job works for Suresh Nair, Grey's strategic planning chief. Oh, and as in "Agency Spies," the normally bald Myhren dons another shoulder-length fright wig, this time to ape the hirsuit guys in Abba.

Keep 'em coming, Tor, and thanks for the laughs.

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