Grey edits orangutan out of Robitussin spot

The way things are going, we may never see a live ape or monkey in a commercial again. As a society, we'll be the poorer for it! Case in point: PETA says ad agency Grey altered a Robitussin ad after it aired a few times, editing out a real orangutan in favor of an actor in a chimp costume. Check out both spots below. Why a live orangutan should be used to sell cough syrup in the first place is never explained. The initial concept—an ape with a cold goes to the drugstore—was odd enough, but the revision, enhanced via computer animation, has the surreal quality of images one sees after imbibing too much of the product. Like Dodge, they should've gone the invisible-simian route. To improve most ads, they should leave the apes in and edit out the humans. That dude in the aisle is no thespian—he doesn't look like he has a cold at all!

Original spot:

New spot:

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