Greenpeace likes wind, but not windbags

Greenpeace is circulating an ad in Massachusetts
that manages to be both pro-wind and anti-Ted Kennedy, which is probably an accomplishment in itself.
By supporting the Cape Wind power-generating project, however, those good folks on the Left have made a serious mistake. They are, of course, playing right into the cold, metallic claws of the robots, who would like nothing better than to hoard all the nuclear power for themselves in their computerized quest to obliterate the human race. Is this a shallow attempt on my part to keep an AdFreak theme alive for one more post? Guilty as charged! (Which is a pretty paltry play on words.) It’s just…I keep hearing this clanking sound in my head, and on second
viewing, that Shavebot doesn’t look so bad.

—Posted by David Gianatasio