Greenpeace declares war on Ted Kennedy

And you thought Ted Kennedy was a liberal. Seems there’s
been a lot of consternation lately over the senator’s
protest against a plan to build a clean-energy windmill farm in the seas off of
the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport. Now, Greenpeace has put together a rather
low-rent ad
about Kennedy’s opposition, depicting Ted as a larger-than-life,
suit-wearing sea-creature out in Cape Cod Bay trying to destroy the
windmills. Kudos to Greenpeace for the attention-getting graphic, but we
expected the organization to pick better talent than whoever is voicing Ted in
the ad. It carries some inscrutable accent—south Jersey maybe?—instead of the painfully easy to imitate Boston accent. Repeat after us: Stah Mahket, Stah Mahket, Stah Mahket. Was that so

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor