Greenpeace ads predict Copenhagen regret

Greenpeace looks ahead to the year 2020 and (surprise!) concludes that the world will be sorry if it doesn't deal with climate control today. The ads, part of the broader TckTckTck initiative, are designed to raise awareness of the climate conference in Copenhagen, which begins today. They show President Obama and other world leaders as they might look 11 years from now, with the headline, "I'm sorry. We could have stopped catastrophic climate change … We didn't." See more of the ads here. Sure, presidents can age in striking fashion after just a short time in office. But Barack will still be in his fifties in 2020. This billboard, via ad agency Arc, makes him look about 75. Maybe all that acid rain is to blame. France's Nicolas Sarkozy looks especially tired and decrepit. Carla Bruni must have left him. Germany's Angela Merkel looks pretty much like she does now. All jokes aside, Greenpeace is probably right: If changes aren't made, we'll regret it 11 years down the line. After all, hindsight is 2020. Via Ads of the World.