Greatest-beards list ends up a bit scraggly

Best Week Ever’s writers must have gone on strike too, because there’s no other way their list of greatest celebrity beards would have seen the light of day. Inspired by Conan O’Brien and David Letterman’s strike beards, the list includes Cat Stevens and the dad from Family Ties—names on the tips of everyone’s tongues, of course—as well as Princess Vespa’s stunt double, who apparently had a beard, not that they provide a photo to back this claim. What’s worse, they call Home Improvement an “alpha-male” show, because nothing says “man of the house” quite like being a grunting idiot whose wife and kids always outsmart you (this came up while celebrating Richard “Al Boreland” Karn’s beard). And putting Bob Ross on this list when they should have saved him for the White Guy Afro retrospective is irresponsible. By the way, please don’t write a White Guy Afro retrospective.

—Posted by David Kiefaber