The Greatest Adman Who Never Was

Mockumentary asks industry icons to discuss Cornelius Trunchpole

After decades of being overlooked by the advertising establishment he helped create, Cornelius Trunchpole is finally getting his due—although it's hard to say exactly how much he's due, seeing as how he doesn't exist. But that hasn't stopped industry icons (and even a few past and present Adweek personalities) from appearing on camera to discuss Trunchpole's contributions to creativity. The trailer below is part of a Kickstarter project aimed at raising $8,000 to gather footage for a 15-minute mockumentary about the mythical Trunchpole, credited with creating the jingle, the television commercial, and even the iPhone (way back in 1962). The ultimate goal of the Art and Copy parody is to promote the launch of Trunchpole and Trunchpole, an agency focused on working with nonprofits. Hopefully the shop won't become so big that Lee Clow and Steve Hayden regret singing Trunchpole's praises on camera.

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