Great works of art are more awesome in 3-D

If this video for Samsung's 3-D LED TV had simply presented 3-D renderings of legendary works of art, it would've been a winner. Seeing a 3-D Mona Lisa from the side, for example, transformed the image into an entirely new experience. But that's just the first 20 seconds of this 1:40 clip. We quickly move to Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, which morphs into two very randy Vitruvian Men. And who knew gun-wielding mafiosi, military choppers and alien hordes lurked just "out of frame" in paintings by Vermeer, Seurat, Raeburn and others? It's way over the top (Rich Fulcher's voiceover is amazing) but has great fun making the point that with this technology, you can see more. As for Whistler's mother being "a freakish hag" engaged in an insane staring contest—well, duh. That's pretty obvious in two dimensions. Via @luckthelady.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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