Great Movie Posters Reimagine Modern Films With Vintage Casts

Delightful series from Peter Stults

This great poster series by designer Peter Stults imagines modern Hollywood hits with classic casts from bygone eras. The effect is frequently dizzying and delightful, a potent pop-culture mashup that makes me wish these alternate versions of the movies were real. Imagine William Shatner in Avatar: "My … face … is … BLUE!" Or Charlton Heston in Pulp Fiction: "You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in Paris? They call it a Royale with cheese! Damn you all to hell!" The work was inspired by a similar project a few years back by Sean Hartter, who really tops the imaginary box-office for film buffs by re-imagining The Matrix as a John Boorman-lensed blaxploitation epic starring a Watergate-era dream cast of Sidney Poitier, Pam Grier, Bruce Lee and Peter Sellers! (The concept's actually no wilder than Boorman's real sci-fi pic from the '70s with Sean Connery wearing a red diaper and jetting around a post-holocaust world inside a giant stone head.) Perhaps one day, via Final Cut Pro 9000, we'll be able to graft actors of our choosing into existing films and create manic celluloid fantasies. I'd put Shatner in everything. Heck, he can play all the parts, starting with Human Centipede. The twisted spectacle of multiple Captain Kirks, over-enunciating, heads surgically grafted to buttocks, is too awesome to resist. Pass the popcorn! More posters after the jump.