Great Moments in Fashion Ads: Supermodel on a Hamster Wheel

Spot for Versace's H&M collection

In an upcoming ad for the much-anticipated Versace collection at H&M, a supermodel gets stuck on a giant hamster wheel. That's exactly how I feel chasing all these limited-time designer clothes at cheapie stores. (I'm still steaming about that whole Missoni-at-Target experience.) I doubt the producers of the Versace commercial meant for this gold-leafed wheel-to-nowhere to be taken literally, though watching the behind-the-scenes clip below doesn't help at all. (The Kia hamsters would probably die for that prop, though.) The spot will also feature girls in gilded birdcages, girls flying backwards down stairs, and Donatella with subtitles. Whatever. Plenty of us die-hard bargain hunters are going to camp out, line up and fight like wild dogs over downmarket clothes regardless of whether the ads make a lick of sense. Versace at H&M goes on sale Nov. 17. Claws ready!

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