The great George Parker, now in book form

George Parker has two main strengths: candor and crotchety humor. Hopefully both are on display in his new book, MadScam, which you can pre-order from Amazon, if you’re “brilliant, perspicacious, sagacious, drunk, crazy or fucked up enough” to do so. (A third strength is George’s liberal and inventive use of the word fuck, which he says more often in a single post on AdScam than most of us can muster in a given month. It’s unclear how many fucks this book contains.) Due out Dec. 1 from Entrepreneur Press, MadScam is about how small and midsize businesses can harness great ideas for their advertising at a fraction of the typical cost. And it sounds like George has been working hard on it. As he eloquently puts it: “Writing a few poxy ads is a piece of piss compared to writing a book.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd