Grandma Is (Barely) Hiding a Huge Secret in This Playful French Lottery Ad

Loto returns to its comedic roots in this campaign by BETC Paris

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How would you react if you won the lottery? You might imagine that you’d be bursting at the seams with excitement, ready to shout your good fortune from the rooftops. But what if you kept your win a secret?

This is the premise of a new ad from the French lottery Loto, which shows what happens after an ordinary woman strikes gold with her lottery ticket. BETC Paris, the agency behind the campaign, based the story on a little-known truth: many lottery winners wait before sharing the good news with their loved ones.

The ad depicts an average French family who gather for dinner every Sunday at their grandmother’s house. Week in and week out, they meet to catch up on their lives and enjoy familiar comforts—same old, same old—until one day, something seems different.

The first clue is in Grandma serving something a little fancier than their typical Sunday fare: caviar. Then, someone at the table detects a hint of truffle. As Grandpa follows his wife into the kitchen to find out what’s behind the sudden extravagances, a waiter wearing a white coat and gloves appears out of nowhere with a silver tray.

All of these new luxuries invite suspicion, prompting the family to ask: Grandma, did you win the lottery?

BETC, Loto

The campaign reminds people that winning the lottery can happen to anyone, and encourages viewers to reflect on how they might react if their dreams came true.

Going for laughs

Loto tasked BETC with reviving the brand creatively, explained the agency’s executive creative director Olivier Aumard. In France, Loto is known for a history of humorous advertising that became part of pop culture in the early 2000s.

To return to the brand’s comedic roots, BETC Paris tried to avoid lottery advertising tropes, such as tugging at the heartstrings while showing the winnings being shared with family and friends, Aumard said. Instead, the agency chose to depict a relatable French family in an average house, where one relative’s badly kept secret causes them to question their close ties.

“We decided to start from a hidden truth: the fact that a lot of lottery winners actually wait before telling it to their loved ones. They start by slowly improving their daily lives but don’t make grand gestures immediately,” Aumard said. “This created a small tension that we used to bring some humor.”


Brand: Loto (French Lottery)
Brand managers: Camille Jalon, Victoire Lesur, Julie Mulliez, Fiona Renaud
Agency: BETC Paris
Agency managers: Stephane Xiberras, Bertille Toledano, Mathieu Laugier, Maurane Pauli, Marine Peresse
Executive creative director: Olivier Aumard
Copywriter: Olivier Mille
Art director: Thomas Defert
Assistant art director: Florian Padilla
Assistant copywriter: Lena Boutinet
Strategic planner: Etienne Averseng
Traffic manager: Nathalie Sanseigne
TV producer: Sebastien Lintingre
Production company: Sovage
Director: Hafid Benamar
Sound company: GUM

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