Grab your sausage and head over to Texas

The people who brought us Paloozahead
have built another site for the Big State Festival, “the biggest country music festival in Texas.” Biggest in Texas? Damn. Anyway, Big State Games is actually quite a bit neater than the Lollapalooza site, thanks to the abundance of things to do. Four mini-games let you cook sausages, direct a pit crew, ride a mechanical bull and help a country singer outrun a cartoonish dust cloud full of screaming fans. There’s also a list of bands set to perform; notable artists include Tim McGraw, Lynyrd Skynyrd (whose performances are the only acceptable times to yell “Free Bird!”), Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett (whose performances are the only acceptable times to yell, “Julia Roberts is a whore!”), and the Drive By Truckers. If you’re thinking of going, expect lots of slide guitar and Hallmark-card lyrics, but at least Willie Nelson will probably bring enough pot for everyone in attendance.

by David Kiefaber