Grab Some Buds, and Grow Some Beards

Budweiser and environmental stewardship seem like an unlikely pair—that is, until you start talking facial hair. The "Grow One, Save a Million" campaign tries to get guys to grow a beard to save water. Chad Pregracke, founder of Living, Lands & Water and official bearded spokesman, informs us on Bud's Facebook beard-pledge application that the average shave uses five gallons of water. Without citing its sources, Bud claims in small text that it's actually between three and 10 gallons. Which begs the question: How does someone use 10 gallons of water to shave, and WTF is wrong with them? Sign the pledge, don't shave, and maybe you'll save some water. Bud isn't guaranteeing anything, or even promising to donate money. Which makes me wonder: How much water would they save if they stopped making beer?