Got serious speech problems? Try Huggies

Over at, Eleftheria Parpis is less than enamored by this Huggies spot from JWT featuring an expecting couple who can only say "me" (the wife) and "you" (the husband). If this scenario were taking place in my life, I'd be sobbing "Why me?" and my wife would be screaming "Damn you!" But that's a story for couples' therapy. I've drifted from my point, and so does this 60-second ad. Still, it makes a potent statement with the birthing scene at the end, reminding me of one big reason I don't want kids. There's also not a diaper to be seen, either. Just like at my house. Oh, and those of you with little ones at home trying to make plans for this holiday weekend: Good luck getting a sitter, suckers!

—Posted by David Gianatasio