Got milk? Only the soy kind for these cows.

Not since the days of the duckbilled and feathered news announcer for Andre Cold Duck has there been a combination of fascinating-creepy (as opposed to Quisnos-baby creepy-creepy) seen in the commercials for Silk brand soy milk featuring cows dressed as people. Based on the premise that cows would be a tough sell for soy milk, the spots show casually dressed young cows giving testamonials in everyday patter. Bovine biographical tidbits include Connie Cow’s status as a 45-year-old married anthropology professor from Houston who digs Rod Stewart; East Village artist Amanda Cow’s interest in bungee jumping and belly dancing and her fixation with sushi; and industrial container rep Frank Bull, who is fond of the phrase “Don’t judge me.”

—Posted by Gregory Solman