GoPro’s Year-in-Review Ad Is Action Packed With Sports, Kids and at Least One Undead Kitten

All shot on a Hero4

GoPro's Year in Review video for 2015, comprised of footage shot entirely on its Hero4 camera, features a little bit of everything: snowboarding, skateboarding, skydiving, rugby, people jumping in unison at music festivals, a kitten being brought back to life, cute children, food and an old lady watering plants. 

The video angles and overall picture clarity are impressive. Much of the content smacks of the Xtreme Sportz youth marketing we grew up with, but the editing is the real star here. The transitions are seamless throughout, and the visuals pair nicely with the music—DATA's "Blood Theme," in case anyone wondered—which sometimes lends the sensation we're watching a music video.

Despite all that, this is only the second-best GoPro video we've ever seen. The best one by far involved a cat unimpressed with snow.