Google’s Super Bowl ad proves spoof-errific

Nowadays, it’s a pretty big compliment when someone spoofs your TV spot. The Web is full of takes on Apple’s “Get a Mac” spots. Well, make room for imitators of Google’s “Parisian Love” spot, which tells a sweet story of romance through Internet searches. The ad has been online for months—and back in December spawned a Tiger Woods-themed parody, courtesy of Slate. Now, Upright Citizens Brigade has its own version (below), in which it sticks to Parisian love-story concept, but with the romance gone awry. With other imitators sure to follow, it appears Adweek critic Barbara Lippert was quite right that Google knocked the cover off the ball with its spot. UPDATE: Here’s another amusing spoof, focusing on Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey