Google Unwraps First Ad for Groupon-Like Service

Playful spot pitches Google Offers

We heard it was coming, and so it is—Google has unveiled Google Offers, its answer to Groupon. It's currently in beta, and is rolling out first in New York City, the Bay Area and Portland, Ore. Google has also begun the advertising assault for it, with the new spot below. It fun and artsy and playful. Oh, toward the end, the lyrics are: "Will it bring back the fun, or help improve your dunk?" It does not say improve your dong. That's a whole different kind of e-mail marketing. According to Mashable: "Google Offers looks and operates much like Groupon or LivingSocial. Users receive an e-mail with a local deal of the day. They then have the opportunity to buy that deal within a specific time limit (we assume 24 hours). Once enough people have made the purchase, the Google Offer is triggered and users get that all-too-familiar $10 for $20 deal for that Indian restaurant they've never tried." The spot is less forthcoming, saying simply: "Google Offers. It is coming. The possibilities are mind-numbing." Shame Google didn't imitate Groupon's first-ever commercial—that wonderful blood-spattered mess.