Google sullies its pristine site with G1 pitch

"New! The G1 phones are available now. Learn more." So says the understated yet instantly compelling text promo on Google's normally pitch-free homepage touting its Android-based smart phone. I clicked! (Check my cookies and find out, you privacy-snuffing maniacs!) Too bad G1's service is from T-Mobile, which has dead zones the size of some red states. More to the point: I wonder if there's any embarrassing footage of Sergey Brin using Apple's iPhone. I'll Google and find out. … OK, there's no such incriminating evidence. And even if there were, it wouldn't be so embarrassing, as Brin has talked up using Google Maps on the iPhone. (I learned this via Google, too.) My point: You can't beat Google at it's own game, and most red states are dead zones regardless of your cellular provider.

—Posted by David Gianatasio