Google officially launches chef search

This just in to the AdFreak newsroom: Google has officially launched its worldwide search for two executive chefs in a release sent out from the company this morning. (The Google cafe is pictured here.) The job has been listed on Google’s site since former executive chef Charlie Ayers left in May (fun factoid: once upon a time, he cooked for the Grateful Dead), so one has to wonder … is it possible that the job has gone wanting, even with Googly perks such as on-site car washes, personal trainers and “proximity parking for pregnant employees”? The release says the chefs “will oversee the development and continual refinement of an eclectic menu capable of suiting every Googler palate, from vegan entrees to pad thai, grilled burgers, and wood-fired pizza-all while using organic ingredients whenever possible.” It even contains a quote from Sergey Brin, who, you would think, has better things to do than worry about the company cafeteria. "These two chefs will play an important role in managing the company’s growing appetites," he said. Prospective chefs are asked to submit their resumes to, where top candidates will be asked to cook a meal for “the tasting committee”; its members were not disclosed in the release. Four finalists will then participate in a Google Chef Cookoff. Hmmmm … sounds like they should sell the TV rights for this spectacular to Mark Burnett Productions. But while we mull that possibility, here’s a sample Google lunch menu.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor