Google Glass Reaches New Level of Cool as Pauly D Puts Knockoff Version in Music Video

The height of fashion

This is surely what Google was going for with Google Glass—a product so irresistibly fashionable that Pauly D, the Jersey Shore alum, DJ and general arbiter of taste, is trying to borrow its cool by planting a knockoff pair in his latest music video, "Back to Love," with singer Jay Sean. The faux-electronic eyewear are worn by the story's obligatory perfectly styled love-interest. A model, she wears the glasses in the dressing room at the beginning of the video, and then again on the runway, circa 2:30. According to gender-and-technology guru Sergey Brin, that should make her seem less emasculated (if a woman can be emasculated) than if she were using a smartphone. Really, it just makes her—and anyone else walking around with a camera casually attached to his or her face—seem more ridiculous than if they were using a smartphone. Muting while watching is recommended.