Google Eyes the Future With Augmented Reality Glasses

What would you like them to do?

Feast your eyes on the amazeballs future with this Google vision of your life in augmented reality. Google has created a pair of AR glasses that would allow you to interact with your world just like a smartphone—but instead of holding it in your hand, you wear it on your face. I guess my smartphone was too easy to ignore without tiny notifications popping up in my immediate field of vision. Either way, it's still freaking cool, because the current design makes you look a little like Star Trek's Geordi La Forge—and I'm sure advertisers can imagine the implications of real-time video reacting to real-world stimuli right before a consumer's eyes. Google is already testing the glasses and created the video to start a conversation around their potential uses and improvements. So, head over to Google and let them know what you want, advertisers! Don't wait for retinal scans, let's go all Minority Report right now.