Google envy alive and well at WPP Group

It sometimes seems like the specter of an all-powerful Google is never far from the braintrust at WPP Group. Sir Martin Sorrell, after all, memorably labeled the Internet giant as a “frenemy.” Now the Google juggernaut is taking on a celestial role. During a panel at yesterday’s MIXX conference, WPP Digital CEO Mark Read was asked one of those impossible conference questions: Who will be the winners and losers of the mass consolidation happening in the digital space? Like most panelists, he dodged the question. (Google ad chief Tim Armstrong said, somewhat implausibly, “the end users.”) Instead, Read ended the session with a zinger. “I couldn’t sleep this morning,” he said, “so I typed in Google, ‘Is there a God?’ I got back, ‘There is now.’ ” UPDATE: Perhaps Mark Read is a Fredric Brown fan.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey