Google Engineers the Perfect Boyfriend: Gmale

He'll anticipate your every desire, based on reams of personal data

What if your Gmail miraculously turned into a living, breathing human who cheerfully listened to your inane ramblings and anticipated your every trivial need? Let's call him Gmale. That would be awesome, no? Be careful what you wish for, especially if you're a chick with a secret. This parody video has turned Google's prized product into a clingy boyfriend who doesn't understand the concept of personal space. Trying to take a jog with a girlfriend? He can track you. Getting a little something-something on the side? He knows. Damn that digital trail! If you think your TiVo is Big Brother-ish and your gadgets are stalking you, this clip from Comediva may send you over the edge. But watch it anyway—it has just the right amount of smartness and menace. And Gmale is kind of cute. At least he'll never forget your birthday. Hat tip: Social Times.