Goodby revels in the clichés for Aussie bank

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners is breaking a big new campaign in Australia for Commonwealth Bank, and they’ve really managed to capture the essence of the country. You’ve got a Crocodile Dundee guy who drives through the desert alongside a bunch of hopped-up giant koalas, then hurls a boomerang into the starry heavens, letting out a great Aussie scream. Uploaded to YouTube, the ad was savaged by Australian viewers—until they realized it was a hoax. In the extended version of the spot, the scene shifts to a conference room at the “American ad agency” that created the cliché-filled piece of tripe—and just presented it to the client. The campaign will continue in a mockumentary style, with ads offering background about the agency, including the copywriter/art director team of Luke and Luke. Goodby will get crap for navel-gazing here, but for some Australians, perhaps an anti-American theme isn’t the worst idea.

—Posted by Tim Nudd