Goodby opposed to this plumping business

Foster Farms' Say No to Plumping Web site, designed by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, sounds like some kind of gross anti-porn thing, but thankfully it isn't. It is pretty gross, though. "Plumping" refers to injecting chickens with seawater to increase their weight, which also increases the sodium content. And as the site's talkative chickens point out, high-sodium diets contribute to heart problems, and plumping adds to the price of store-bought chicken. Foster Farms, needless to say, opposes this. While they don't say how much of that seawater cooks out, it's still nice of them to illuminate the practice in the first place. I certainly didn't know about it. The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is how cavalier those chickens are about being killed for food. In fact, "Martha" starts off with a sort of funereal glee about the price her processed corpse would fetch once plumped. So, not only does Foster Farms provide all-natural chicken, their stock has accepted the inevitability of death. Now that's heavy.

—Posted by David Kiefaber