Good thinking by Think Tank 3

Even though search marketing accounts for gazillions of dollars in online advertising, we have been suitably unimpressed to date with the mainstream industry’s attempts to exploit it. That’s why the ad pictured here, which appears as a sponsored link on Google when you type in either “Alex Bogusky” or “Crispin Porter,” caught our eye. Like most excellent ideas, part of what makes it good is how obvious it is. Of course prospective clients are going to be Googling hot agencies, and of course those very same agencies might be too busy to take on their marketing challenges when they’re busy, say, trying to resurrect Volkswagen. Our only quibble is this: Think Tank 3 hasn’t expanded the concept to buy search terms for other shops, such as StrawberryFrog, Mother or Taxi. On the other hand, buying the search term “Taxi advertising” might result in Think Tank 3 getting a lot of come-ons to create ads on top of cabs.