Good to see ya, Don Lapre

Lapre1True confessions: Don Lapre haunts me. If you don’t know him, perhaps you’ve never found yourself awake at 3 a.m., your face ashen in the glow of the television screen, listening to him hyperventilate about how you—yes, YOU!—can make thousands upon thousands of dollars by doing … well, that was the rub, really. I could never really figure out what his infomercials, which were huge on the airwaves a few years back, were about. Something to do with placing “tiny little ads” in newspapers to sell miscellaneous products, and the confusion over just what he was talking about only made it harder to turn away, especially when his boyish enthusiasm was barely containable within the confines of the TV screen (see the video here by scrolling down). I’ve wondered what ever happened to him. Maybe he was enjoying the millions he said he’d earned. Or (and this seemed more likely), maybe he was cooling his heels at Club Fed, dreaming up his next scheme while his lawyers negotiated the terms of his release. All I know is, now he’s back, and in primetime on one of my local cable channels. The pitch about the “tiny little ads” is gone, replaced by a come-on about how you can make thou-sands just by getting peo-ple to trrryyyy, “The Greatest Vitamin in the World.” Welcome back, Don. It’s probably a good thing that by and large I’m sleeping better these days.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor