A good day to haul out environmental ads

It’s Earth Day! Did you know that, did you know? (I sound like Spike Lee: “Do you know? Do you know?”) Starbucks, one of many corporation that are marking the occasion with good deeds, is donating a nickel to Conservation International for every purchase made today with one of the store’s credit cards. For every $10 donated, the company will plant 10 trees in Chiapas, Mexico, where they grow lots of coffee beans, and shady trees would presumably be much appreciated. Here’s a press release from 2004 that blasts Starbucks and CI for “eco-imperialism” and attempting to “control the market.” That was four years ago. Ancient history. Starbucks sells Paul McCartney CDs now. And they’re planting trees in Mexico. It’s all good. I bought three lattes this morning! I’m stoked! It’s Earth Day! Let’s plant tree in Chiapas! I’m crashing hard when this coffee buzz fades, but who cares!

—Posted by David Gianatasio