Golden Palace drives its advertising off a cliff

Devoting a precious post to the advertising antics of online casino always makes us feel just the slightest bit icky, but every now and then, something the company is doing catches our wary eye. It paid $2550 on eBay for the privilege of having its logo placed on a 1997 Dodge Neon that is to be driven off a cliff in Missouri by one Will Stuckenberg this Saturday. The company now is so enamored with the idea that it has expanded the event to include 10 more cars, with Stuckenberg vowing, “All of these are going to go off the cliff full throttle.” What struck us though, was Golden Palace’s reasoning for participating in the stunt: “We’re pretty sure the next guy who decides to auction off space on his car and drive it off a cliff will not receive nearly as much attention," said company spokesperson Jeff Kay. Yeah, we hear that pretty soon auctioning off space on cars and driving them off cliffs will be all the rage.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor