Golden Grahams are next best thing to a job

Marketers naturally want to show empathy to consumers who are going through a rough patch with the prolonged economic downturn. Golden Grahams is going a step further by offering to turn your awful-job-search story into a fun hand-drawn animation. The General Mills cereal brand is collecting the stories (which are limited to 140 characters) on a microsite called Golden Grant. The best ones are being made into animated shorts (there are five so far), and those who submitted them will get 12 boxes of Golden Grahams to add to their fast-depleting food supply. The site might get some traction, since it plays into the "FML" trend about handling life's bad moments with a sense of humor. McCann Erickson and Mekanism are behind the campaign. Via @koopstakov.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey